Tuesday, 8 November 2011

As time goes by...

If i have tomorrow
What i have not today
Will it make for a better life
Will it be more enduring, this stay?

I have today
What i had not the day before
Yet, i wake up
With a head heavy and sore

Why can't i be like that bird
Oblivious to everything but the moment
Or like that cheerful goat
Smiling its way to the final torment

Let your light shine-One Single Impression(Birdie)

As the last few rays
Dissolve into Dusk
Leaving behind
A wilting refrain

We pine for the one
The Glorious sun
That steals
The dark, the pain

When out of luck
Comes the birdie at dusk
Breaking out
Of the gloom behind

Setting alight with its chirps
The forests of night
Stirring hope again
Even if only in mind

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Get it back into my fold

From green to brown
They lie on the pavement
And release swirls
Of memories they hold.

Well worn brown i may be
But i drop not hopes of green
The swirls make me want to get summer
Back into my fold

Streets of sepia in an evil winter mind
Turn crimson when they sting
And Gashes once far removed
Are resurrected from the old

Warm and living images in my minds eye
Looking for light
They spurt through the ice
And Make me want to get summer
Back into my fold

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