Sunday, 30 December 2012

jagan goes nirbal

i would like this to happen someday in the near future. a fairly (un) popular politician whose name more or less rhymes with that mentioned in the title is proceeding for a very serious shraddhanjali ceremony. He steps out in his spotless white kurta that cloaks his black heart and with his mind all prepped up to figure where the next few hundred crores will be squeezed out from. he steps out with his entourage , hands folded, and a smug smile directed at the tv cameras. soon he starts swaying from left to right -an unchoreographed movement that comes up only spontaneously.
as the torso swings from left to right, his face contorts-the way it does in moments of extreme pleasure or pain. and the eyes bulge out. the cameras then pan downwards to spot the source of this rather unsightly samba.
its a pariah dog that was trained for weeks on end to "spot the sausage" and leap at it...

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