Sunday, 29 May 2011

A saung for all seasons

Anything of immense value and goodness does, at times, run the risk of being taken for granted. Applies as much to ghar ka khana as it does to human beings. I talked about tambali and khicdi in my 3 week old posts. Here's a third candidate-something that is uniquely konkani, and a dish that loses its allure if made too regularly.! ROLL OUT THE CARPET. RING THE BELLS BLOW WHISTLES. FOR THE GRAND ENTRY

I remember being fed this even when i was 3. And now, 35 years later, i had it for lunch. After a long gap. This was staple fare all along-turned into an exotic culinary creation post marriage (neither sabiha nor i could ever get this right-we would always err on the side of caution and turn it into a very mellow sabji. we just gave up after 2 ill fated  attempts at making saung)
Mellow is a good descriptor for all that saung is not. Saung's like a Dabbang compared to lets say that movie where Rani Mukherjee walks in a funny way-Black!
Yesterday's attempt was a good re-start. Here's how it's made:

1. high cholestrol coconut oil-heat karo
2. add mustard seeds and karipatta
3. finely chopped onions -2 or 3-fry till they reach the tipping point-pink to brown
4. 8-9 kashmiri chillies-YES or 5-6 bedgi chillies-red ones of course. fry till they just abt change colour. and release that wonderful aroma
5. cool this concoction.add imli pulp to this. grind it to a coarse paste
6. add it to medium sized chunks of batatas
7. add water to subdue the teekhapan-at least momentarily
8. have it a few hours after you've cooked it. next day is even better

At your own risk, you can try having this regularly. Eno, Pudhin hara, Gasex etc will then be your bosom pals.

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