Monday, 9 May 2011

When food moments are good moments

There is a moment in the George Clooney starrer "Up in the air" when Clooney tries to "pep talk" his brother in law to be (who has just developed  committment phobia and chicken feet about marriage-a day before!) , in seeing the brighter side of a married life. While the rest of the movie is IMHO quite mediocre, this moment itself is worthy of 5 stars. "Think of the happiest moments in your life. Think of what you were doing then- were you alone or were you with somebody?"
As a market researcher who hunts for insights and hot buttons that make relationships (between brands and consumers) click, this one scene surely had depth! Real happiness dwells in a "we" world, however solitary or self centred the person might be.
And somehow, i don't know why- a lot of happy moments are linked to food -again in a collective sense.

When you prepare a meal for a loved one (like i did a few hours ago:-))
When you savour the simplest of meals with loved ones (i made khichdi !)
When a loved one intuitively prepares just the meal that you were craving
When banter over food makes the world look a lot warmer and kinder than it seems

Back to "happy moments linked to food", why are the two so closely connected?

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  1. Great to find your blog Rajesh and hope some of the day khichdi you made for your loved one makes it to her lunch box at work :)

    And here are is your friend from Fort


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